Fernando Campos

Founder and Creative Director

I am an architect and designer who is passionate about creating visually arousing forms and spaces that are also functional. The most important aspects of my professional life are understanding the needs of the client and managing the expectations of the project. This helps me provide smart and artful solutions that speak to the client’s vision. Currently located in Miami, Florida, I continue my practice through collaborative projects with other professionals in the United States and Costa Rica. Furthermore, I serve as the registered Architect of Record for Diservsa S.A.

In 2015, I received a Master of Architecture degree from Hillier College of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I also hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Universidad Veritas in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Through my 10 years as a professional, I have obtained an exceptional array of valuable experiences working across multiple practice areas. During my tenure at Gensler, I was entrusted with the complete interior renovation of the Bank of America Flagship stores in New York City and downtown Philadelphia, as well was multiple ground-up projects in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania area. Most recently, I acted as Junior Design Manager for a confidential hospitality project in Bethlehem, PA which included a 500+ key hotel and water park.

Together with Diservsa, I develop multiple residential projects for private clients, as well as workplace proposals for institutions of the Costa Rican government. The variety of projects and the range of roles I perform in them gives me the sensibility to appreciate the many facets of their development. This allows me to understand the architectural profession from an all-comprehensive perspective.

Katherine Velasco

Founder & Owner

Hello there- I’m Kathy. I’m the Founder and Owner of Kappa Design Studio. As a professional in the field of education coupled with a background in human resources, I am uniquely positioned to lead our business from a distinct perspective.

Kappa Design Studio is a small business with big ideas. Being a two-member team means we get to wear many hats in the day-to-day operations of our design studio. My emphasis is on the operations, business development, and administrative aspects, however I also dabble in social media, web designing, and writing. As Founder, I work to create a vision that is realistic to our needs today, yet limitless as to what we can achieve tomorrow.

My adaptability is in no small part thanks to the liberal arts education that I received as an undergraduate. I hold a B.A. in Labor Studies & Employment Relations from Rutgers University in New Jersey. I also hold a Master’s degree in Education from Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J. My more recent training in the field of teaching and learning allows me to view problems from an analytical perspective and ensures I creatively brainstorm whatever obstacle comes our way. Having lived my entire life as a snowbird in N.J., my true nature at the moment lies in the warm & friendly palm-tree lined city of Miami, FL. An inquisitive curious and adventure-seeking person at heart, travel has been an important facet of my life since the age of eight. Experiencing diverse architecture, landscapes, art and cultures while also learning about the historical connection these things have to world is a large part of what truly inspires the work we do here.

At Kappa Design Studio we are passionate about architecture, art and inspiring the public to learn more about this dynamic and multi-faceted field of design. Welcome to our journey.