“Welcome to our design studio. Have a look. Our hope is to transmit our love for architecture and design as intelligently as possible .”


We approach architectural design with an emphasis on creating functional and aesthetically appealing spaces. We aim to mindfully develop our clients’ design visions in a comprehensive and collaborative way.


Architecture has the special ability to transform intangible visions into concrete reality. For us, designing is a joint venture that allows us to dive deeper into the inner corners of your creative center . By working in a holistic manner, architects can bring to life the most intimate of dreams in the most personal of ways; rest assured that we will always have your best design interest in mind.

Local – Global

We are based in Miami with roots stemming from the NJ/ NY metropolitan area down south to Miami and beyond. Our multicultural inspirations influence our global reach. We strive to create living & work spaces that compliment your style.

Kappa Design Studio

7910 Abbott Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33141

(201) 844-5758

Our Hours

Monday- Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Sunday: As required